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Only in recent history have women had the type of unlimited personal freedoms that they now do in Western societies.

Is there perhaps a reason why women have been treated a bit like “2nd class citizens” in some aspects throughout history? ūü§Ē

Every single culture around the world has for thousands of years treated women in certain ways, and placed some restrictions on them.

Is it likely that we have been wrong for thousands of years, and only in the last 50 years we’ve got it right?

Or is it more likely that there are perhaps some ingrained behaviors in women that can be destructive or toxic if they go unchecked, and if women are given “unlimited freedom” in all areas of life?

Is giving all women “total and unlimited freedom” perhaps similar to giving children total and unlimited freedom to do as they please in all areas of life, mostly without consequences? ūü§Ē

Is this “freedom” perhaps what causes outcomes such as this:

Unfortunately throughout history women have consistently been shown to fail in making good long-term decisions.

Decisions that are beneficial for themselves and/or society as a whole.

This is partly because women are less interested in the objective and rational truth than men are.

The truth to a Man is finding out how something works, or why it works in a particular way.

The truth to a woman is how something that happened or she experienced made her feel, because women prefer to think and talk about their feelings.

The problem is that it doesn’t matter to a woman if her emotional filter misinterprets events. To her, how she feels about a particular issue or situation IS the truth.

Her Feelings Don’t Care About Your Facts

In today’s woke society it is always assumed that involving women, (and all other forms of “diversity”) will improve decision making and outcomes.

However, what is being ignored is that the very presence of a woman automatically shifts the dynamic from truth seeking, competitiveness and debate, to being mindful not to upset or offend.

Here is a study from Norway that shows how bringing women on to the board of companies result in worsening results:


For many men the introduction of women into spheres of power will also introduce a sexual dynamic that was previously lacking.

This shift in priority and objective makes most kinds of rational discussions and truth seeking endeavors more mediocre.

Women simply do not belong in spheres of power, or if they do, their presence needs to be limited, so that men can make decisions after rational competitive and rigorous debate involving men only.

This is important to remember when women are invited into spaces previously occupied only by men.

In many of these places women simply do not belong, and introducing them one needs to remember that their emotionalism often derails the rational and objective truth seeking mission.

Women Have Had The Types Of Freedoms They Currently Do For Less Than A Century

Throughout human history their behavior was generally subject to the approval of her Man, tribe, church, law or simply by culture.

It was correctly assumed that should a women be allowed total personal freedom, she would often end up making poor moral, ethical and generally unwise decisions for herself and those around her.

Women weren’t allowed to study any trivial topic she wanted, or to sleep with any Man she felt a sexual desire for. She could not just simply pick up her belongings and go travel the world in order to “find herself“.

The reason society put these limitations on women was that women are significantly less rational than Men, and this severely affects their ability to make good decisions.

Women are in essence overgrown and adult children. Because of this they often act illogically and on impulse, based on their emotional state, rather than any long-term and rational thinking.

Perhaps that is partly why women are so well suited to care for and teach young children, because they are themselves childish?

They are overgrown children throughout most of their lives, stuck in that intermediate stage between the child and the grown Man.

There is no doubt that women possess crafty intelligence, which allows her to survive, often by using her sexuality.

However, she is a slave to the present moment, and her emotional state in that moment.

She is therefore unable to make rational decisions based on logic, which would benefit both herself and the society she lives in.

When you give a woman the type of personal freedom we have given her in the Western world, she is highly likely to enslaves herself with one of numerous self-destructive vices

Things that often lead to the destruction of her once beautiful body, but also her mind.

The woman who is under “male control” as she grows up, (and it doesn’t really matter if it is from church or a strict father or brother), generally comes out far better as a grown woman, compared to her “liberated friends”.

Those liberated women’s lives often circulate around posting soft porn photos and selfies on Instagram and Tinder, while selecting random men to have sex with, whenever her hormones dictate.

So if we accept the premise that men generally make better decisions than women, at least “on average”, then we have to ask ourselves why a woman should be “allowed” to make any significant decisions at all, without first getting approval from a man who is more reasoned and levelheaded, and less emotional?

It not only hurts the woman who is making those poor decisions, but it also hurts any man who will associate with her.

However, when discussing this it is equally important to consider how a woman feels when restrictions are placed on her against her will, which is so common in Muslim countries for example.

We all only have one life to live here on earth, men and women.

No one should be forced to spend their life as an “involuntary slave”, with unreasonable restrictions and limitations placed on their freedom.

It simply doesn’t make for a happy, productive or “good” life.

It is also sad for many other reasons, but mainly because women have so much to contribute to the world.

Women that want to live a destructive life should be allowed to do so, but not without first being educated on the dangers that “total freedom” entails.

Only women who desire to be controlled and guided by men will be. No one should be forced to anything against their will.

But at the same time we should welcome, love and admire those women who are willing to accept that their lives will be better and more fulfilling if they are led and guided by a Man.


A woman who is supported and guided by a strong Man can achieve almost anything. The same is true for a Man who has a quality woman that looks up to, admires and respect him.

The harsh control of women through culture and religion is likely also why we have seen the recent uprising in women, and the toxic feminism over the last decades.

Men have abused and “overused” their power over women for too long, and not let them properly flourish in life.

Men have not done so out of hatred or ill will, but rather because they weren’t aware of what is the best way help women be all that they can be.

Unfortunately the recent uprising and feminism we are seeing today in Western countries has had a toxic and destructive influence on women, rather than helping them.

It has also disrupted healthy relationships between men and women, as we have known them for thousands of years.

In response to previous oppression of women we are now seeing the systematic disenfranchisement and emasculation of men instead, often even supported by feminist “woke” men.

Unfortunately this is unlikely to stop anytime soon.

Yet it is clear that many men and women want the same thing:

To have normal relationship in a normal traditional relationship with a strong partner.

A relationship where men are treated with the respect and dignity, and women are valued not only for their sexuality but for all the beautiful things that stem from femininity. 

So our only hope lies in educating women to understand that in order to be fulfilled they need to find a Man worthy of submitting to, and then do so voluntarily and wholeheartedly.

These are the women of Custos, submissive, caring and warm-hearted women.

There are a few women who have joined us already, waiting and hoping for us to introduce them to a quality Man.

A Man who is worthy of submitting to. 

A Man who can support her, guide her and care for her, but also a Man who will restrict some of her freedoms, for her own good.

A Man who will occasionally discipline her when that is needed for long-term happiness, not against her will, but with her consent.

So yes, when we say that there ARE women who can fulfill you, we are talking about the women of Custos. 

They are rare indeed, but worth waiting for.

If you are a woman reading this, and you feel this may be for you. To give yourself fully and completely to a Man. A Man who will guide you, support you and care for you, then we would be happy to hear from you.

Please understand this though.

The Men of Custos are high-value Men, and they are looking for a very special type of woman.

It is a great honor to be welcomed in as a woman in Custos, and to be able to serve the type of Men that are Custos members.

Some would say it is their highest purpose in life.

Don’t be intimated by that, or afraid that you may not be “good enough”.

Let us be the judge of that, but just be aware that you will be going through an extensive screening process, so we can make sure that you indeed are suitable to become a Custos woman.

If you get accepted we will train you in etiquette, class and behavior, and after this you will be allowed to meet and talk to Custos Men who have expressed an interest in you. 

Once accepted as a Custos member you no longer need to worry about finances or money. Our members support all of our Custos women who are still single.

All your expenses are paid for by our generous Male members, and you will be able to live for free in the Custos village. 

If one day you get the honor and privilege of serving a Custos Man then you will enter into a long-term relationship, usually in a Custos Ceremony.

After this your Man will take over the support and care for you, financial and otherwise.

Being a Custos woman is in many ways like being a traditional married housewife, but without the legal burdens that come with marriage in most countries.

If you believe this sort of lifestyle may be for you we invite you to contact us.

Men Built And Created Everything

It is men who created the machines designed to make it easy for the woman, such as the cars she drives around in.

Look out on the street in any city and see the great cars and trucks, all created by men, filled with women powering around like they were “independent Titans”.

Who do you think invented the needle and thread?

It’s obvious.

It’s such a male invention.

We used it to sew leather items for long treks on the hunt.

That long, puncturing needle; that ingenious hide as a thread, is nothing if not a male creation. And sewing was a male province.

But eventually men passed this skill on to women, and sewing became the province of women.

Who do you think first mastered fire, and developed the art of cooking?

It was men.

Who discovered and mastered the melting of ores and the creation of iron pots and pans for cooking with?

It was men.

And who do you think were the “Lords of the Hearth” and kitchen at first, who finally taught women the art of cooking?

They passed it on to women, and cooking became “women’s work.” Now women laugh at the man who is an inept cook.

They don’t realize that men have just moved on to the next big thing.

In more recent history, who created, with the melting of ore and the making of steel, that awesome fire box called the combustion engine.

Then the amazing contraption called the automobile.

Again, this was solely the province of men.

Even driving them was.

The cars were so difficult to operate, requiring so much muscular strength, women didn’t drive cars.

But the male is always trying to please his woman, and help her.

He worked to create power steering and power brakes for her.

He made it quieter and very easy to operate, and climb into.

Then he said;

“Look, honey! You can drive these things now, too.”

Now you look out on your street and see all kinds of slight, weak, and tender young things commandeering these great machines that her father and grandfathers have made for her.

Then along came some other men and invented something called the computer, which once again changed the world.

And as always, the penetrating concentration and sweeping vision behind it was male energy.

The entire early computer field, including programming, was completely male.

Then for years at companies like Microsoft it was a dominantly male culture.

And now that men have begun to tame this arcane realm and made the technology so convenient, you finally begin to see female programmers.

And someday, just as before, the realm of computer programming and maintenance will be handed off by the male to the female.

The men will then be off pursuing some greater thing – some new thing that is beyond the reach of the female.

The male is the God who brings down fire for woman’s use.

Men are also the Lords of the Art, the Masters of Music, the Lords of Fashion, and even the Ultimate Flower Arrangers!

Men were given mastery of this world.

Yet look how much the female now mocks and discredits him.

And look at his groveling weak position now before her.

How could this happen?

The answer is that women only get unholy power over men when men worship her sexually; when they abandon their discipline and higher sense, and come to be controlled by lust for her.

Only then does the woman take, finally, the superior position in society.

Only then does the male end up on his knees as her thrall, forgetting his unique greatness as a Man.

But how are we to achieve that?

Well, that is for another article, but let’s just say that the answer is NOT and never will be to take control of women by force, or against their will, like they do in so many Muslim countries.

The answer lies in re-education of women, and helping them see how they can be so much more when working TOGETHER with men, rather than against them.

Men love and adore women, not just for their sexuality, but for everything that is feminine.

For men and women to be all that we can be, we must work together, like two pieces that are part of a beautiful puzzle.

The pieces are not identical, and they do not have the same characteristics, but when joined together they form the most beautiful picture. The picture that God intended for us.

A Quality Woman completes A Man.

A woman can not only give a Man purpose and help him achieve the impossible, but she can also make him happy…truly happy, like nothing else on this earth.

To Appreciate The Beauty Of A Woman

To appreciate the true beauty of a woman, first close your eyes without any lust or sexual desire.

Then feel the softness of her body, her delicate hands, her eyes, her lips, her breasts, her thighs. Kiss her, all of her.

Then soak your soul in her mind and feel the vortex of her inner needs and desires. Listen to the rhythmic sound of her joys and sorrows, and tiptoe on the matrix of her dreams and longings.

As you imagine and understand these nuances in a woman, you’ll immediately feel a strange sensation of warmth and nurturing presence, almost maternal, like a gentle breeze in the sea or the fragrance of flowers in the forest.

You see, her beauty does not only reside in her physical appearance. No matter who she is and no matter how she looks, because she, the woman herself, is the definition, the embodiment, and the birthplace of beauty.

She is the original creation of all things, and without her we men are nothing. We don’t even exist…

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