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“Homeland is where it (life) is good”

Custos is a new intentional eco community created by a small group who’ve had enough of the toxic feminism and misandrism that is destroying most Western countries.

Instead of trying to change society from within, which we consider an almost hopeless task, Custos members have simply decided to “walk away“.

However, unlike the MGTOW movement, (“Men Going Their Own Way”) Custos members are not walking away from women.

Instead we are inviting carefully selected women to join our community and live here for free; in safe, secure comfortable accommodation where they are surrounded by loving, caring and compassionate men and women.

Women live for free in Custos and enjoy many privileges, including free accommodation, free food, free health care and a weekly allowance.

In return, all single women in Custos are expected to work a minimum of 20 hours per week for the good of the community.

Custos women are also expected to spend at least 5 hours per week working out and taking care of themselves physically, as well as attend a variety of classes to improve their etiquette, class and behavior.

The women in Custos are expected to serve the male members in all ways except sexually, and every woman is assigned a property where she cares for housekeeping and similar duties. These jobs can normally be completed within her 20 hours per week work duties.

The Custos Foundation are planning to buy one of two things, in the coming 18- 24 months;

1. Either an entire small remote mountain village in Eastern Europe.


2. A private island.

Here we plan to create a luxurious eco friendly intentional community where like minded men and women can live together in love and harmony with each other, and with nature.

Custos will function like a “time-share holiday village” where adult men and women will have a chance to meet, interact and date. It is also a place for men to network, socialize and interact with each other if they wish.

Most importantly though, it is a place for men to simply relax and be themselves in a beautiful remote eco friendly village with clean air and breathtaking views.

A place to come and workout, hike, mediate, eat natural foods, and if you wish, take part in a variety of activities that will bring you closer to nature, whilst spending time around people around who share your values and beliefs.

The women in Custos are carefully screened in multiple ways by a membership committee before being allowed to enter and/or stay in the village.

The tests that Custos women go through include everything from medical tests, mental health examinations, extensive personality tests, background checks and even lie detector tests when needed.

This is to make sure we only allow women in Custos who have not yet been indoctrinated and destroyed by toxic feminism, and that are physically healthy and mentally stable.

If you are interested in joining the Custos Village Project, please click here for more information on how you can take part.

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