A Diverse Society VS A Homogeneous Society

Diversity is being lauded everywhere in Western society today as something that benefits everyone in society. Something we should all strive to achieve.

My view on diversity is slightly different.

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Diversity is being lauded everywhere in Western society today as something that benefits everyone in society. Something we should all strive to achieve.

Our view on diversity is slightly different.

We agree with the general principle that diversity of thought and experience can lead to greater knowledge and wisdom.

However, a diverse society comes at a cost.

People who share similar values, traits and culture have less friction and problems between them.

This is because they understand each other and can easily empathize with each other, they and recognize the struggles that we all face in life.

Think of a life journey as a round circle drawn on a piece of paper.

Each circle represent one person’s life.

We are all born, and then we go through life, and eventually we all die, making the ring a full circle.

When people in a homogeneous society that share similar values and views interact with each other there is very little friction between them.

This friction is represented in the picture below by the angle that the circles (lives) overlap with each other when they cross paths.

The bigger the angle people’s path cross at (when their lives cross paths with each other) the more anger and resentment, and the less understanding, there is.

When two circles (lives) that share a similar culture and are on a similar path in life cross paths, it is easy for them to accept and understand each other.

These lives are travelling in the same direction at all times, and they on very similar paths, even if no one’s life is identical to anyone else’s.

When two circles (lives) from different cultures and with a different past, travelling on a different life path cross paths with each other the more problems there are within that society.

This does not mean that people who live in homogeneous societies can not learn from other people’s lives, and benefit from their experience and culture.

The difference is that when people in a homogeneous society want to experience diversity they do so by travelling to other societies instead.

Knowing that they have an opportunity to leave if they don’t like what they see, and that they can go back to the life they knew, allows them to fully appreciate other cultures, values and views on life.

If they prefer the values, views and culture in another society they can join that society, and a start a new life path with a circle that aligns withstand that society, by moving to the new place and adapting to the rings/lives of that group.

However, in a highly diverse society everyone is forced to cross paths with people who have totally different views, culture and values.

This is why Custos will be built as a homogeneous group/society, where everyone shares similar views, values and culture.

We won’t force our view and values upon anyone, but we will also not accept others to push their views, values and culture on us.

We only welcome new potential members who share OUR values, but if you do share our views and values you will be able to enjoy a life with very little friction and problems.

If you are interested in joining us you can start by clicking this link here. ?


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